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Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

main features of hydraulic cylinder

main features of hydraulic cylinder

  • November 2,2020.

When talking about hydraulic cylinder,something you must know ?

1)  cylinder size 1英寸(in)=2.5399999961392厘米(cm)

bore size:  1.5"= 38.09999 mm

10"=253.99999 mm

zx200-3 bucket cylinder:

bore: 115 mm

rod: 80 mm

stroke: 1056mm

maximum stroke length: 12 feet = 144 inches=3657.5856 mm

operating pressures up to 5000 PSI

2)cylinder style


double rod steering

single or double acting


3) mount options

clevis ( U type)

cross tube

flange  法兰


trunnion 耳轴

spherical bearing

foot mount

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