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  • newly  created and produced cylinders for special customer
    newly created and produced cylinders for special customer
    • Mar 22 ,2021

    we are newly produced  new model hydraulic cylinders for our special customer. Customer has requested that these cylinders must be with oil pipes. so our technical workers try hard to make a perfect cylinders for them. This cylinders can use for a long time than normal cylinders because JDF focus on cylinder's long life using. To save your time and cost of this part. if  you have new requests of cylinder producing , pls contact us. Thank you.

  • shanghai Bauma exhibition 2020
    shanghai Bauma exhibition 2020
    • Dec 7 ,2020

    shanghai Bauma exhibition 2020 From 24th,Nov, 2020  to  27th, Nov,2020, our company attended the shanghai Bauma exhibition at booth W4.351. This year the exhibition hall not come as many people as before because of COVID-19. But we still promise to get there to welcome our business partners. Let's go ahead and welcome the 2021.

  • good quality cylinder
    good quality cylinder
    • Nov 2 ,2020

    we will try our best to develop new hydraulic  cylinders . For example A hydraulic cylinder. A cylinder are commonly used in heavy duty construction equipment. A cylinder features a 3600 psi pressure rating. It will be functional tested and pressurized to ensure performance reliability. Other requirements are as below : 1) induction hardened, hard chrome plated piston rod 2) spherical bearing 3) double acting applications 4) tube:  presition honed steel

  • ways to keep cylinder use for a long time
    ways to keep cylinder use for a long time
    • Oct 8 ,2020

    Two methods to keep cylinder use for a long time Hydraulic cylinder is the heart of hydraulic system, so it is very important to know the ways to keep your cylinder use for a long time. 1) Anti rust. cylinder rod will be extent out during working process. So cylinder rod should be anti rust to prevent the oxidation. That is why cylinder rod will be chrome plating during production. 2) Change hydraulic oil from time to time. Beause the frequent use of hydraulic cylinder, it is inevitable that something will enter into the hydraulic oil. This contaminant will lead to friction inside cylinder tube. Besides,cylinder oil also has time limited. So hydraulic oil should be changed from time to time to safeguard the hydraulic cylinder.

  • Ruili city in Yunnan province locked down
    Ruili city in Yunnan province locked down
    • Sep 15 ,2020

    “Ruili city in Yunnan province has locked down all border villages and blocked cross boarder movement after two imported COVID-19 cases from Myanmar were confirmed over the weekend. ”  said in China Daily. Covid-19 is still now still not disappeared. Everyone should be notice and take care of themselves. We wish our customers in Myanmar to live a healthy life and away from this pandemic. All family members are safe and well. Now local government has also stepped up efforts to crack down on illegal crossings. Hope this kind of situation will never happen again.

  • hydraulic cylinder rod
    hydraulic cylinder rod
    • Aug 3 ,2020

    Hydraulic cylinder rod is an important part of hydraulic cylinder. we use raw materials of 40CR to produce hydraulic cylinder rod. This is also called hydraulic cylinder piston rod. Wekipedia said, the piston rod is typically a hard chrome-plated piece of cold-rolled steel which attached to the piston and extends from the cylinder through the rod -end head. In double rod-end cylinder, the actuator has a rod extending from both sides of the piston and out both ends of barrel. The piston rod connects the hydraulic actuator to the machine component doing the work. This connection can be in the form of a machine thread or a mounting attachement. The piston rod is highly ground and polished so as to provide a reliable seal and prevent leakage. Our producton process of hydraulic cylinder piston rod: 1) raw material of 40CR steel purchasing. 2) cutting according to the length. 3) rod heat treatment.(Tempering steel) HB-215-250 4) Induction hardened steel. HRC 50-62 5) chrome plating 0.03-0.05mm 6)rod finish machining 7) welding the Eye 8) painting the rod head.

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