custom hydraulic cylinder

Customized Cylinders That Just For You

When it comes to hydraulic cylinder,one size does not fit all diverse industry, so you need a partner like us that can provide custom design and solution just for you.

Hydraulic Cylinders Product Range

1) single acting cylinders

single piston cylinder

plunger type cylinder

single acting telescopic cylinders

2) Double acting cylinders

single piston cylinders

through rod cylinders

Double acting telescopic cylinder

Turning Concept to Implement

Collaborating closely with you, we are all together from concept to implement.

we can produce high effective solutions and impove continually the produce performance,

wherever your demand maybe.

Manufacturing Capabilities


the welds are done fully automated for consistency and integrity.

with lean welding craft for creating the strong joint strength and eliminating the defect.

The welds are detectd by cerfified method like Dye penetrant, Ultrasonic.

Chrome plating

The rod are induction hardened prio to chrome plating which prevent the rod from bending and scratching.

The rod remain rustless over 100 hours under salt spray test.



The tube are skived&burnished for the straightness and concentricity, the superior finish bring better sealing and longer life.

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