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Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder Classification

Hydraulic Cylinder Classification

  • August 13,2020.

Hydraulic Cylinder can be divided into three kinds.

The first one is calledpiston cylinder. Piston cylinder inputs pressure and liquid. And it outputs the pushing strength and speed.

The second one is called plunger type cylinder.

Plunger cylinder is also a structural form of cylinder which can only move in one direction. The difference is that plunger cylinder do not machinng in the inside of cylinder tube. But piston cylinder tube must be skived& burnished for the straightness and concentricity, the superior finish bring better sealing and longer life.

The third type is called oscillating cylinder.

Oscillating cylinder is a special cylinder which uses spiral movement to realize the rotary motion.

These three kinds of hydraulic cylinders all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important is to use them in the correct machine and field.

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