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good supplier Hitachi ZX270 , ZX270LC , ZX280LC , ZX280LCN bucket cylinder

good supplier Hitachi ZX270 , ZX270LC , ZX280LC , ZX280LCN bucket cylinder

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4628580 , 9186599

Hitachi  machinery spare parts

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    ZX270 , ZX270LC , ZX
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part number:

 4628580 , 9186599

Hitachi  machinery spare parts

Model ZX270 , ZX270LC , ZX280LC , ZX280LCN

bucket hydraulic cylinder

hydraulic cylinder will not retract

EX40-3-5-1 EX300-3-5 ZAX240
EX60-2-5 EX350-5 ZAX240-3
EX120-1-2-3 EX400-3-5 ZAX270-3-1
EX160-3 EX800 ZAX330-3
EX200-1-2-3-5-6 UH07-7 ZAX330-3G
EX220--1-2-3-5 ZAX200-3-1 ZAX360
EX225 ZAX200 ZAX450
EX230 ZAX210 ZAX470
EX250-6 ZAX230 ZAX55
EX100-1 ZAX350 ZAX120-1-6
EX135 ZAX360-3G ZAX870
EX330 ZAX60-5

1, How does a hydraulic cylinder works ?

Hydraulic cylinders get their power from pressurized hydraulic fluid, which is typically hydraulic oil. The hydraulic cylinder consists of a hydraulic barrel, in which a piston connected to a piston rod moves back and forth. The piston has seal kits.

Also, cylinders has gland, nuts,seal kits.

2,How many types of hydraulic cylinders are there ?

There are 4 types of hydraulic cylinders used in different applications. It is important to know which hydraulic cylinder is going to work best for your applications or machine like excavator, agricultural machines or road building machines.

Each types of cylinder use a different design and mechanism to function and work. It is also important to use cylinders that are designed by engineers and fluid powers specialists.

The four types of cylinders are :

Single acting cylinders

Double acting cylinders

Piggyback cylinders

Telescopic cylinders

3, what is called single acting cylinders?

Single acting hydraulic cylinders are idea for used in applications that have weight gravity or another assisting force which will move the cylinder in a single direction.

Single acting hydraulic cylinders use hydraulic pressure to extrend or retract the rod in one direction.

Single acting cylinders often cost less than double acting cylinders and work good in a vast range of mobile and industrial applications.

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