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hydraulic cylinder rod

hydraulic cylinder rod

  • Aug 3,2020.

Hydraulic cylinder rod is an important part of hydraulic cylinder.

we use raw materials of 40CR to produce hydraulic cylinder rod. This is also called hydraulic cylinder piston rod.

Wekipedia said, the piston rod is typically a hard chrome-plated piece of cold-rolled steel which attached to the piston and extends from the cylinder through the rod -end head.

In double rod-end cylinder, the actuator has a rod extending from both sides of the piston and out both ends of barrel.

The piston rod connects the hydraulic actuator to the machine

component doing the work.

This connection can be in the form of a machine thread or a mounting attachement.

The piston rod is highly ground and polished so as to provide a

reliable seal and prevent leakage.

Our producton process of hydraulic cylinder piston rod:

1) raw material of 40CR steel purchasing.

2) cutting according to the length.

3) rod heat treatment.(Tempering steel) HB-215-250

4) Induction hardened steel. HRC 50-62

5) chrome plating 0.03-0.05mm

6)rod finish machining

7) welding the Eye

8) painting the rod head.

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